On Saturday October 18th, AIESEC Toronto held its annual Local Committee President election. For those of you who don’t know, the Local Committee President (or affectionately referred to as LCP) is the leader of the Toronto AIESEC chapter, and is pretty much responsible for communicating goals, motivating members, and maintaining the vision of AIESEC Canada. In other words, it’s a whole lot of responsibility and a huge challenge to take on.

Three members ran for the title this year: Hutou Liu, Lakshana Kannan, and Naseha Chowdhury. Since they all had unique experiences and merits, it was up to them to showcase what they could offer as the leader of our Local Committee (LC). On the day of the elections, all candidates delivered a speech on their motivations for running for LCP and their overall vision for the LC. They were then put on the spot in a Q&A session to address member concerns and specific plans they wanted to carry out.




Some questions were expected – “What are your plans for the Incoming Exchange portfolio?”

Some were hilarious – “Describe yourself without using words.”

And some were just brutal – “Would you run for LCP again if you didn’t get it this year?”


After hearing their insight, candidates were ushered out and the nerve wrecking voting process took place. Would it be Hutou with his plans for personal development? Lakshana with her obvious passion and enthusiasm for the LC? Naseha and the importance she placed on exchange? We were voting for the person who would lead AIESEC Toronto for the next year – it was a tough decision.

The most cult-like tradition in all of AIESEC culture followed: the declaration of who was elected as LCP. Our brave candidates were blindfolded and led outside to where our current LCP, Leila, poured a bucket of water on the winner. In the end, the role was passed onto Hutou!


Congratulations to Hutou, and we’ll see where 2015 takes us!