IMG_20140919_172253962_HDRI completed the Global Citizen Program at Start Up Project in Rio de Janeiro through AIESEC. It was one of the best times of mylife. The project was very educational – both personally and professionally. My role was to host workshops for university students about marketing and technological product design. Even though I was the teacher, I learned a lot from preparing workshops to getting to know the students.


However, the project itself was only part of the experience. What made the whole internship shine were the AIESECers in Rio, as well as the trainees from all over the world. They are incredible people. Though we only shared six weeks together, for all of us, those six weeks will be one of those memories that never fade. When we did not work, we hung out together.

IMG_20140913_171452498_HDR We traveled to different places, such as Sao Paulo and the Iguacu Waterfall. The local AIESECers were so friendly that they invited us to parties and took us all over Brazil to visit places and be our tour guides. What made the experience even more intriguing is the fact that I was in Rio. Rio is the best city I have ever visited, despite the fact that I have been to many countries in Europe, Asia and North America. Rio has everything. There are beaches, mountains, forests, lakes, crazy nightlife, great drinks, and so much more. Just name anything you can think of, and Rio has it. In essence, my AIESEC experience was one of the most memorable times of my life.