Deb Lewis, CEO of Toronto CityEvents, was part of the Corporate Relations portfolio while studying Marketing at Guelph University. She explains that AIESEC was a platform for her to network, gain leadership, teamwork and planning skills; in addition, AIESEC prepped her to go on and become the President of the Rotary Club. During her AIESEC career, Deb helped out with fundraising, raising TNs and helping out with EP recruitment. She loves the international framework of AIESEC and engaging with people.

Before opening up her company, Deb had already worked in the event planning industry for 10 years. Her interest in marketing, sponsorship and most importantly, Deb wanted to create something for people to enjoy right in the city, therefore these interests quickly became an inspiration for CityEvents.

Deb focused mainly on direct marketing when starting the company. Her clients know her personally; they were her colleagues and friends. Therefore, Deb really works with her clients on a personal level, which makes CityEvents unique.

Some events she has held are the Board of Trade, Beer fest, and the Valentine’s Gala, which is an event to award the work done by those with disabilities. Aside from formal events, she also plans individual networking events that are casual for attendees to come relax and simply social with each other.

Finally, from her success and entrepreneurship experience, it can be concluded that Deb has been shaped into a leader. She thanks AIESEC for getting her out of her comfort zone to meet people from different backgrounds, building organization, teamwork and planning skills. In addition, AIESEC has allowed her to be engaged in extracurriculars at Guelph University.

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By: Christina Yang, Director of Public Relations, September 5th , 2013