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Month: September 2014

Take Me To: Taiwan | Maggie’s AIESEC Exchange


I went to Taiwan on a Global Citizen exchange and my project was to run an English camp for students from six to sixteen years old. It might not seem like much, but six weeks of teaching, traveling, and making new friends has changed me a lot. I have grown more self-aware, realized what makes me happy, and discovered the importance of listening (deeply) to others. Communication became one of the most frustrating and interesting tasks in my experience throughout Taiwan. I learned stories through body and sign language, laughed through stories of epic adventures, and celebrated in more joy than necessary when a mutual understanding was finally reached.

maggie11Adventures in Rainbow Village with Rainbow Ironman



Since coming back to Canada, I became more appreciative of what this nation has offered my family and me, and how lucky I am to have been born here speaking English all my life. Teaching the students has made me appreciate the small things, like hugs and our laid-back education schedule, and to take life in small steps at a time more often. I came back from this experience ready to graduate and wanting to do something like this for an even longer time period.

maggie8Waterfall cave adventure in Hualien Taiwan

maggie12Taiwanese Dish 

maggie6Maggie’s birthday celebration with the students

If you are interested in going on exchange, register now at


Experience: Induction Weekend Fall 2014

“Be open to learning and embrace the awkwardness.” Leila Pilliard, current Local Committee President of AIESEC Toronto stated while setting expectations for the event. Induction Weekend is  held by AIESEC Toronto at the start of each semester to introduce new members to AIESEC culture as well as train them on their relevant functions. Day 1 of Induction Weekend consisted of getting to know one another, learning about AIESEC, as well as team bonding experiences.  Day 2  of the event was solely focused on specific functional training, ending off with a high-spirited dance off. Leila Pilliard as well as Lily Li, Senior Vice President, were co-chairs of the event.


Emerald Leung, VP UTSG Global Citizen, and Becky Luo, VP UTSG Marketing and Communications also shared their recent Exchange Stories that happened this past summer. Emerald, who completed a Global Citizen exchange in Peru spoke about how her experience made her value Canadian culture and happiness; while Becky, who completed a Global Citizen exchange in Mauritius, explained how she was able to develop both personally and professionally while abroad.

When it was time for the official induction, portfolios were called down to show pride and spirit through dance as well as the making of a function related flag.

marcommmm alialiali



At the end of each day, members were asked to reflect on their learnings done throughout Induction. There were some common statements that many AIESECers agreed upon.  For instance, members wanted getting out of their comfort zone. Second, members wanted to meet new people. Finally, members wanted to learn about AIESEC and see how they can grow within it. Learn more about AIESEC and our current exchange and leadership opportunities now at

Watch AIESEC Toronto’s Fall Induction Weekend video here.



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